Basically, what you are looking at is a 6'0 hp thruster with 4inches chopped from the tail and 4"inches chopped from the nose. With only the functional parts remaining.
Outline has then been straightened and foiled for drive and to maximising planing speed. Result is shorter, compact board with plenty of drive and control when its needed.
higher speeds + higher control = higher performance.



Hey Guys, I have landed State-side and will be basing the larger part of my operations out of California for the foreseeable future.

To celebrate my official launch of Tomo Surfboards U.S.A
Orders for the first 50 boards will receive a 20 % discounted rate on the purchase of a new Surfboard. That’s a saving of $125 on new hydrofoil fish or Modern Planing Hull.

That means you can have one of my cutting edge hp designs under your feet for as little as $499 for Pu/Polyester. Or $599 for Eps Epoxy

(Clear Base rate only, channel bottoms and quad fins are extra).
Available for U.S Customers only.
Offer ends Feb 1st 2011 or first 50 customers in the door, which-ever comes first.

More Details:

Full selection of board models viewable at



Alright....All those amped to checkout the new range of models pics and what nots get stuck into my new site.


Resident Alien


Well its being a while in the making, but i have finally bitten the bullet and moved the show Stateside.... for the larger part of the year at least.So theres never been a better time for US surfers to get there mits on some of my new works. Also on the agenda in 2011 is Europe so stay tuned on that schedule. hit me up if your Keen.


2011 TOMO MPH (Modern Planing Hull)
By Daniel Thomson.

“For me, it’s all about top end speed. The more speed I can generate; the more radical my performance potential becomes”.

The Modern Planing Hull (MPH) is a design category for modern high performance surfing. Based from the 20th century planing hull research uncovered by Richard Kenvin and the ‘Hydrodynamica project’ including the Lindsay Lord planing research explored in [the Navel Architechture of planing hulls] of 1946, and Bob Simmons planing hull surfboards of the 1950's.

However the TOMO MPH is more closely akin to modern hydro-plane board sports of Wakeboarding and Kiteboarding. The past and present of planing hull board sports is meshed with modern surfboard design and technology to create a ultra modern and unique surfing experience

The TOMO MPH is like an extension of a surfer body. A mind surfing experience…. just pick your lines, and the board does the rest. Almost, like you can forget about a board beneath your feet altogether and just interact with the energy in the wave.

I am convinced that the modern planing hull design will allow surfers to experience higher levels of personal performance. I also strongly believe that the MPH design will provide a platform for top professional surfers to take surfing to new levels of ‘Ultra high performance’. A design capable of executing the aerial manoeuvres only attempted in the Skate, Snowboard and wake disciplines, whilst still excelling on wave face with incredible speed, flow and power fundamentals of all true performance surfing.


18 months of rigorous development and testing since first MPH concept in April 2009. I have achieved a harmonious balance of the following design properties:

- Lower drag and increased Thrust is achieved through applying:

. A Parallel (straighter) foiled outline with forward widepoint and:

. Fluid amplification curves. Outlines and rocker.{ typical Hydrofoil / Aerofoil curves } provides significant drag reduction and higher levels of Dynamic surface planing lift.

. Balance of Volume in relation to surface planing lift. {L = CL P2 SV2}

*SIMMONS FORMULA: Efficient planing surface provide effective lift to counteract the riders weight.

- Therefore a reduction of physical length, area and volume is necessary.

Naturally, the lower drag and higher degrees of dynamic surface planing lift result in increased Speed. Both Acceleration and Top-end.

With an increase of the potential speed of a surfboard design requires equal degrees of control. The balance of these two aspects is crucial to a successful surfboard design.

- I have set out to achieve this without compromising with drag induction.

This can be achieved by applying:

. Lengthening of the hard edge (further lift and drag reduction) combined with modern, low volume, medium/ boxy rail profile for sensitive and forgiving rail transitions.

. A parallel fin placement ( 0 degrees tow) will provide excellent control with negligible drag.

. Complex Channel and Concave bottom contours and calculated angular and vector tail profiles have also achieved positive results with low drag control through radical directional changes.

Custom Designed Power-Drive Fins and Keels: (Thomson designed) flex engineered hatchet fins provide increase drive and acceleration through turns with the low drag properties of smaller overall surface area and ability of the fin tips to instantaneously adjust (flex and load) to changing laminar pressures engaged by the rider and environment of the wave, providing constant forward thrust.


Ride Speed of the MPH is immediately noticeable compared to traditional high performance shortboard design and requires little energy output from the rider. It has impeccable rail sensitivity and a predictable and controlled feeling underfoot.

. The parallel rail line combined with a significant increase in hard edge provides the boards with the ability to draw powerful, drawn out bottom turns and radical sharp directional changes with shifts in weight between the front and back foot.

. Physical shortness of the design allows natural free flowing manoeuvres in critical sections of the wave and inside the tube with speed and control.

.The excellent planing attributes and low drag allows the design to glide freely and hold speed in even the most flat face weak wave conditions.

. Outstanding aerial control: The MPH’s natural speed, control and small profile automatically favours itself to ‘above the lip attack’ however it is the aerofoil like

plane shape of the outline gives the design remarkable boost and flight control. the symmetrical nose gives the rider excellent control and pivot in a “nose first, re-entry into the wave face situations”. Also, the improved safety of rounded nose gives the rider more confidence to push the limits of their aerial creativity.

. Comfortable flat water paddling. ( comparable to hp shortboard)

. Increased wave catching ability ( improvement to hp shortboard)

. Tri fin, Dual fin Quad fin. All equal in performance with different ride personalities to suit individual styles in a wide variety of wave conditions, knee high – to a maximum of double overhead conditions. ( Each model is more specifically tuned to certain wave conditions.)


The MPH is a at the forefront of modern refinement and hence a smaller more efficient package to the traditional hp Shortboard, using more effective planing shapes and redistribution of surface area to counteract the reduction in size and volume.

. Larger surfers, don’t be deterred , the MPH scales perfectly to suit just about any surfers needs. If you can ride a regular hp shortboard – you can ride a MPH
More comfortably, in fact!

Please refer to the following sizing recommendations.

. 6 “ –8 ” shorter than traditional all-round Shortboard. [ reduction in length in relation to the surfer ability] : 6” for Surfers of average ability or fitness, 7-8” for Advanced to professional surfers.

. Same width as customer’s ideal width for all round shortboard or general wave conditions. (Daily Driver)

. Same thickness as generally ideal for the customers weight.

Example: if you ride 6’2” x 18 ½” x 2 ¼” HP Shortboard of Average to good level rider . You will ride 5’8” x 18 ½” x 2 ¼” MPH .

“There’s no doubting the Modern Planing hull’s efficiency and I feel the future of high performance surfing is wide open! In a rapidly growing and diversifying time period, the rules of the game are constantly being stretched and broken and i feel the time has come for the shortboard to evolve to the needs of the most radical and freeminded athletes. And, with advancements in material technology to aid our quest to defy to laws of physics….. there’s no telling what the future holds.The Modern Planing Hull is a foundation of endless possibilities, broad enough for all designers to add their own creative flair for the future”. Enjoy……Tomo (2010-10-28).

* And here's a little sample of the future. the one on the Right is a Tomo 5'4 x 18". in Krypt Technology Carbon fibre.



New Wesite Under Construction

New models, pictures videos and reveiws..... just around the corner.
Stay tuned.

More Evidence.......

Tomo models

1. Hydrofoil 'Transition'. 5'8 x 18" x 2 3/16"

Rockstar pro surfer and all around hellman Pat Millan (5'10"/ 170lbs) reported surprising tail control due to the claw like teeth of the Transition tail, even in Punchy tradewind Rocky Lefts in Hawaii.

2. Hydrofoil Diamond. 5'6" x 17 3/4" x 2 1/8" Designed for my entry into wqs event in Japan 09, i thought i would throw a back fin on my V1 on my Hydro design, for contest surfing, seemed to work well enough for a respectable 5th place result.

No problems here.

"Wide Tails have poor control & slide Out" ? True or False?

Traditional logic tells us that a wide tail or 'pod' will provide a board with a high planing speed potentiual however will be slidely, poor control and pop out. Sound about right?

I came across this new model Dane Reynolds ingeniously engineered with a hand saw. I like Dane, he is doing the most amazing futuristic surfing on the planet and he is taking upon himself to redesign his own equipment with no tools other than his own intuition.

The only function that the last 4inches " of tail of a traditional (dinosaur) shortboard is provide drag. see for evidence of a clear improvement in a dated design, with simple reduction of un-neccesary surface area.

Good work Dane!!

The closest thing to being a Dolphin


I have played around here and there on one of dads airmats in the past, but never really had the motivation to learn how to ride it properly because of my continued focus on pushing the limits of performance surfing equipment , however the other week i finally gave Dads new Krypt super mat my full focus of attention. Firstly, its nothing like a bodyboard whatsoever, its more of a pure speed experience. tricks or spins arent even part of the equation. Its more about high line trim and harnessing the invisable pressure waves and power pockets. Your tapping into the source at a higher level than surfing and that is something very rewarding and exciting because it is an egoless experience, just you and the ocean and frictionless speed. the closest thing to being a dolphin.

The Tomo Diaries.......

This is the first instalment of a series of chapters in my wide and colourfull adventures around the globe chasing Surf.

June 2006. Southern Sumatra Indonesia.

After arriving in Jakarta in East Java i met up with the hard core indo surf crew which included Californias Travis Potter, Brian Conoly,Brett Swartz, Micah Byrne, Brandon Tipton and Ben Knight -and an array of film crew ready to capture the trails and tribulations of a discovery misson, deep in The jungle areas of far south Sumartra, Home of some of the deadliest indonesian wildlife, malaria hot-zone and apparentlty some untouched indo gold in the form of empty barrels.

After like 20 hours sqweezed into a beamo with no suspention driving on some of the heaviest moutain roads in the world, we arrived in some god forsaken arsehole of the earth city where i imagine barely a whiteman has set foot. First mission was to find a fishing boat with a crew willing and capable of a surf expedition into the untouched wild coast of the area, after a day of searching and haggling with local fishermen, we found our crew and our ship for a reasonble price, a raty chicken boat none the less with not even enough deck space to sleep the entire crew. filled with Chickens, a goat , 5000 packets of mi-goreng and 20 case of Anker beer, which would be gleefuly drunken warm.

We set off on our voyage up the coast. about 12hrs steam we reach a tranquil bay on the inside of a small peninsular where we anrchored for the night. The next morning we waxed our boards and paddled our boards ashore and set off into the jungle to cross the peninsular in search of waves on the other side. No one expected to find what was waiting on the otherside, a beach break of all things and not any ordinary beach break, but a fully fledged sumatran Puerto Escondido style peaks in the double overhead size. To be continued.........

The Performers

These 3 boards are my current go to quiver. 5'4 x 18" x 2 1/8" Tri fin 'Nano'MPH. 5'3 x 17 3/4" x 2 1/8" Quad fin 'Vector' MPH. 5'7 x 18" x 2 1/8" Raptor Subsonic Dual fin. Im really stoked on the level of refinement i have acheived on these boards. 3 styles of performance, equally radical and all posses that magic something. I

2007 Half way between then and Now.......

Winter 2007. Great season for waves and sandbars at home in Northern NSW Aust.
i was first introduced to the fish in 2004 by RK, 3 years later i have several hp ofshoots of the origional Pavel keel hauler i rode at pumping Lennox. Filimed at Lennox, Ballina, Angourie and Victoria. Filmed by Mark Thomson, Hamish McKennzie, Ryan Kenny. Featured in Australia Surfing Life Jan 2008.

I am Home in Australia.

Im Back in Oz until August or possibly longer, any one interested in talking to me about a board now would be an ideal time.
peace TOMO. P.S My house survived the tornado with a few broken windows, next many of my neibours were not so lucky. Fortunatly,No one was killed in this disater, theres been some amazing storys of survival.




I will be in Japan for 1month. now is the time to secure a custom handshaped future craft for your waves-shralping enlightenment.


or see me at the Japan fish fry on May 29th.

Science is an Artform ?

Check out my latest blurbs on science vs artform in interview.

Sacred Craft Ventura 2010.



This is the new domain for Tomo surfboards.

All customer enquirys now use

Part 2.


All Yew- Daniel Thomson part 2 from on Vimeo.

Tomo on Kordoroy.TV


All Yew- Daniel Thomson part 1 from on Vimeo.

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Sorry to those who want to view my website or trying to contact me via

My web sever is experiencing technical difficulties. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

In the meantime, please contact me at



Hydro-plane MPH


Transition Tail Micro planing hull (MPH). 5'4" x 18" x 2 1/4".
This is a surfboard. it goes good. buy it :->

Returning State- Side in April.

I plan to find myself in Ventura for the Scared Craft Surfboard Show in early April and around the traps in S.D not long after for a short stay. For those wishing to contact me while im in town
please feel free at

Ridgey-Didge !


Been on the road again in Japan, this time in Toyama city in 'Nihonkai' (west coast- Japan sea )
Sunday night was surf movie night at local night spot with some good music during the night.
No, i dont have plans for a music career but after a bit of liquid lubrication i found myself on stage for a bit of a jam sesh with a couple of popular Japanese muso's - Shin Chan & Take Chan.
Pretty classic.

Interstyle Yokohama






All Hydrofoil models are available with Dual or Quad Power Drive fins.

V2 Afterburner


Speed, Maneuverabilty, Control. V2 Afterburner.