Freestyle performance 5'2 @ Rocky Right.



5'2" x 17 1/2" x 2" round nose/ squash tail. Hydrodynamic planning hull formula (ultra parrallel outline, deep single concave and hard edge running forward of the front foot. This board is radical! easily the most high performace small to med wave board i have ever rode, im actually just getting used to it after a few weeks riding it. You can do pretty much anything you can imagine on this board, it is stupidly fast, it projects clean, powerfull drawn out turns and the tri-fin gives you the control to jam the board in places on a wave that seem near impossible. This reverse at Rocky point the other day is a perfect example of what im talking about, the board felt like it wanted to do this turn on its own, all i had to do hold on and keep my mind flexible. Enjoy.

Hawaii guns


Knocked up a couple of big wave dual fin planing foils for Hawaii. 5'11" x 17 3/4" x 2 1/4" Raptor V2 for (Med OTW/Pipe). widepoint/thickpoint 3.5" forward of centre mild single into deep vee double con. 6'6" x 18" x 2 1/4" twin rounded pin fish tail (SUNSET/ LARGE PIPE) mild tri-plane to mild single con falling into vee double con through the tail.