Product Testing


This session was last week deep in SD during a run of really fun sth swells.
I cant yet tell you what the design is but it feels like i bolted on a super charger to my Nano. This board feels stupid good. Magic board.

Footage courtesy of Richard Kenvin.



I have been privileged with the opportunity to shape some concept guns for Lightning Bolt Surfboards. The legendary brand has stepped up to the plate and ordered some of my new Dual Fin Guns as a part of their revival push in the U.S

The Bolt once ruled the big wave domain in Hawaii in the late 70's and Early 80's. This era saw the peak of the world class surfer/shaper's Gerry Lopez, Mark Richards, Rory Russel to name a few, refining their own sleds to tackle the gnarliest waves in the world. I have always loved the foil templates of this era. Bullet noses with clean accelerating curves. Full Fluid Accelerators !!

It was my goal to try to re-produce this proven curve with all the modern design elements. Basically, I shaped a modern version of a 7'6 and 8'0 Lightning Bolt Pin Tail, proceeded to saw approx 6-8" off the tail before cutting in my (mini) Raptor V1 & V2 tails for low drag control.

I figured losing the pin tails adding the Raptors would open up the turning radius (tighter Arcs) reduce drag (speed increase) and balance it out with a naturally controlled, Parallel Dual-Keel fin setting to provide a stable, predictable ride.

Think of it as a ‘Double single fin’ with heel/toe control rather than a ‘twin-fin’ .

Furthermore, i feel there will be no loss of paddle power as the now wider pod area will lift the tail into waves resulting in a smaller more efficient big wave package.

I decided that the high velocity ‘Tomohawk Keels’ were apt for these designs to combat the extreme laminar pressures apparent in big wave surfing. The leading edge of the fins will efficiently cut through the water with effective rail to rail pitch. Once the board is on rail, the clean parallel rail outline will engage, the hatchet fin will flex and load accelerating the rider through the turn. I have experienced no cavitation as a result of using the particular angular fins,

Whether or not this is a breakthrough in big wave performance will remain to be seen.

But logic suggests, two is better than one, faster than three and four and all the performance boxes are ticked and circled. Cant wait to launch over a few ledges this Coming Winter.

*Special thanks to Moonlight Glassing for the pro glass jobs.