Once you get your feet on one of these you will see that the difference is black and white. The "Mork" Nano Nano and "Deathstar" both sub 5'0. Seaside parking lot November 2011...

A breath of fresh air.

Gold at the end of the rainbow. "Cyber sim" 5'3 X 17 1/2 X 2 3/8 for Aloha Boardshop.

Tom flaring at Rincon.

Tom Curren on a 5'1 Vanguard looking as good as ever.

Big thanks to http://www.postmodernsurfer.com/

Test pilot : Tom Curren


I ran into Tom on a recent swell up at Rincon and he was keen to check out what I had been working on over the past couple of years, especially the Death Star model which was feeling right at home on some fun ones at the cove.
He asked me if I could make him a board and of course I was stoked to get him up to speed on the next gen designs.

Tom has been a family friend since I was a little grom, I never forget the times when I would get home from school and he would be there with my dad talking design and messing around with boards. You might remember the segment from lost 5'5 x 19 1/4" movie, where Tom , my Dad and George were creating some rad round nose boards in and around my house. That was a really rad experience to be right there in the creative process and getting to surf with Tom at the height of his powers.

So anyway, I knocked him out a clean 5'1" x 17 1/4" x 2 1/8" VANGUARD model.
He's super psyched on it and he's says he's been riding it daily.

Feels good to be able to return some inspiration back his way because he has given me so much over the years.



I’m going to be in Hawaii Feb 12-26th to surf and test some new crafts.
I will be designating around 5 days to shape some boards for local crew.
(roughly 15-20 hand shapes will be available on a first in, first severed basis.

Good opportunity for local Hawaiian crew to get a cut price Tomo with no hefty shipping expense.