Not to be Outdone!!  Stuey show us why he deserves to be on the World Tour next year.
Going absolutely POTATEESS!! on his new V4 quiver.

C'Mon Stuey!! Big Finish this year !! Lets seeya Crack it !!!

Stu Kennedy from Jy Johannesen on Vimeo.


Ive always dreamed about what one of the best Air guys could do on one of my boards, on Weds 2nd October 2013. Brazillian wonder kid and Firewire team rider Felipe Toledo pulls out his stock 5'6  V4 that he picked up during the Trestles event and proceeds to Punt one of the craziest moves of the year in his rnd 3 heat win  in the Quiksilver Pro in France. Thanks Felipe for introducing my designs to the world tour and showing the world a taste of the potential for the MPH.

Interview. The Inertia.

I spent a lot of time on this interview to really say what i believe about the industry as a whole and the direction i believe surfing is going. Also, i wanted to share some insight on my history, motivation and source of inspiration. hope you take the time to read :)

Stu Stomping Grounds

STOMPING GROUNDS - Stuart Kennedy from Kaius Potter on Vimeo.

We all appreciate high level aerial acrobatics, but surfing is not surfing without a grounding of speed power and flow.  Stu showing the speed,  precision and control of the Tomo V4 design with a searing exhibition of Australian power surfing spiced with new school flare.  Enjoy!



My goals for the Modern Planing Hull has always been to improve upon current equipment, making the high performance surfing experience faster, easier and more intuitive for any rider.

This clip really highlights the pure functionality and refinement level of the coming 2014 installment of the MPH designs.

notice how effortlessly these designs gain and maintain speed, linking sections with acceleration and ease. 

notice the drive and precision of the parallel rail line working to draw both powerful carves and radical tight hacks with a subtle shift in weight. 

notice the control of the MPH that  sits perfectly centered beneath the riders feet with no swing weight up front and no drag through the rear.

This segment is filmed in one day. A morning and  afternoon session.

no aerials, no tricky editing or one off maneuvers.... just clean, fast and flowing high performance surfing on cutting edge equipment. ( in regular frame rate -no speeding up of footage).

Featuring the  talents of Current  2013 WQS front-runner Stuart Kennedy in sizzling form !
and Daniel Thomson, (surfer/designer) at home break at Lennox Head on a fun day in April.
filmed and edited by Hamish Mackenzie.



firewire surfboards featuring stu kennedy and dan thomson riding the new tomo designed vanguard and V4 models from hamish mackenzie on Vimeo.

This is a great opportunity to officially endorse the radical high performance of  Firewire 'Rapidfire' Technology' 'Vanguard' and 'V4' Designs.  After recently spending 3months in my homeland scoring world class quality waves , i have throughly tested the parameters of the Vanguard and V4 design, and i am completely Stoked and Proud to stand behind the Firewire MPH as 'Cutting Edge High performance designs' worthy of giving anyone from average 'Joe' to high end Pro's the highest quality of functional performance. 

Video footage Featuring the talents of: 

ATHLETE: Stuart Kennedy.

DESIGNER: Daniel Thomson

FIREWIRE CEO: Mark Price. 

The Surfers Journal 22.2


Incredibly Stoked, and grateful for the Profile featured in he latest TSJ magazine.
Most defiantly my most prized achievement in my career bringing great legitimacy to the ideals i preach about  change and future possibilities of modern high performance design. Very Thank full and appreciative to the Crew at TSJ for supporting my vision Especially writer and Friend Richard Kenvin 
( who spent the best part of a year working with me on the piece as my theories developed. To see further interview material on 'the speed of phi' cheek out the interview and video piece  on the website here Going Deeper: Daniel Thomson-and-the-speed-of-phi

Heath Joske

Surfing Life 2013 Board Guide: Firewire from Surfing Life on Vimeo.