FA-16 Afterburner


The FA-16 was a real breakthrough design for me when i built my first one back in 2007. It was a culmination of lots of ideas i had about low drag planning at the time. The whole design came together much better than i had initially expected with all the channels falling cleanly into place, feeding the water-flow into the 6 release points around the Jet-Tail and flyer's. The channels also give the dual fin design great directional control and unlike most thruster channel bottom designs performs surprisingly well in small junky conditions due to pockets of air that flow through the channels, giving the board less wetted surface area through the tail and a loose yet controled rail-to-rail transition.



Small South Swell


Small south swell a couple of weeks ago riding 5'7" 17 3/4" 2 1/8" Quad power-drive V2 Quadrafoil. Im really enjoying this board, smooth transitions and the power is always on tap. The quad models are a good transitional boards stepping off from a thruster, Noticeably faster yet control remains very predicable in contrast to the squirty and more sensitive dual power-drive keels. I liken the performance feel to 4wd performance cars in contrast to rear wheel drive. Enjoy. Tomo.

Happy Campers !!

Great reports from Customers in Califorinia. This is Ian Riggs launching his 5'8"Raptor at Seaside (San Diego) Yeah Ian !!!



When in pursuit for design innovation you have to look beyond what is current. I look for inspiration in many places however never losing sight of the goal, higher-performance. I have been intrigued by the designs of the Lockheed-Martin fighter Jets, especially the F-15 and F-22. The profile of the tail wings which primarily control the maneouvering, allowing the craft to pull radical controled turns at high speeds, a trait that obviously would benifit a planning hull that also finds its design roots in aerodynamics. It is a fact that Air and Water both behave with the same mechanics in regards to fluid-dynamics, so why not look to the sky for knowledge and inspiration especially when thats exactly where i design my surfboards to perform.

Fun Little South Swell.......


Winter weather has finally arrived, clear skys and crisp offshores. Some fun size south lines rolled through on the weekend. Heres a little taste of a day sessh at the point clip im currently putting together featuring V1 Afterburner and New Quadrafoil. Tomo.



Im often asked about the performance of the dual-fin on the backhand. Many people accociate two fin boards as twinnies or fish and Control is sometimes compromised in pursuit of Speed. After a series of servere storms in May the sandbars that are famous for producing long groomed righthanders at local points have been emploded, leaving behind new little reef setups in unexpected places. I think this is the first time i can remember going left in June!! Here is a couple of fun little winter sessions at home in Nth Coast NSW on my new Raptor Afterburner 4-channel 5'6" x 17 1/2"x 2 1/8". ENJOY.

Video Clips Coming Soon !!


" OK- The boards look cool and all, But lets see these things in action !"

Video Clips coming soon to: