Outside the Box from John Wiley on Vimeo.

STUART KENNEDY - NEXT GEN. from Kaius Potter on Vimeo.

Progression Update.

Stu on Surfline's September Progession update.

TOMO Partners with FIREWIRE.

Stoked beyond belief that Firewire surfboards will be taking my designs to the Global market in 2013 !! Really looking forward to what is in store with this collaboration and Thank you to all of you who believed in my Vision for the Modern Planing Hull.



RK and i have been working on these 2 new models 'the Cyber Sim' (the 21st centuary adaptation of Bob Simmons orgional designs)and the 'Goldern Mean machine' ( Phi ratio engineer symatry and aspect ratios) for realease with the Hydrodynamica Project. Ultra modern planing hull design ,Epoxy & extruded styroam core by XTR. Hand made bamboo fins by Carl Eckstrom.
avaialble now

Australia's Surfing Life Magazine


Stu into final 12 at the 6star Newquay Boardmasters

Stu is powering through into the bussiness end of the draw at the 6 star Newquay Relentless Boardmasters wqs event in England, following his strong showing at the U.S open.
Riding his new dream-board 'the Vader' (aka the Skywalker) 5'2 x 17 1/2" x 2 3/16"

Kelly shares his thoughts on Stus equipment


Kelly shares his thoughts on Stus equipment ( Timecode 2:30)
video courtesy of http://surfboardline.com

Stu shows the world a taste of the future


Stu finally goes down to the greatest surfer of all time Kelly Slater in the round of 24. But shows the world that a new generation of craft is just around the corner with inspirational manauevers like this executed during the event and taking out some of the supports biggest names in the process. Well done mate!!

Stu Advances !


Stu advances with nerves of steel in a nail bitter with the king Kelly Slater (1st- Stu 2nd)
to face Dane Reynolds in the non-elimination round of 28.

Stu blasts through Round of 96 @ U.S Open


Stu surfed a strong and inspired round of 96 heat today, besting WCT campaigners Matt Wilkenson and last years runner up Yadin Nichol. Tomorrow, Stu has Drawn Kelly Slater in the round of 48 and is looking forward to mixing it with the Master. Good Luck Stu !!

stu kennedy at home in OZ


STU arrives for US open


Stu and i have been working closely over the past few months to really nail the Next Generation quiver for his WQS assault. With the Nike US open due to start in mere days, Stu is preparing to launch the most innovative equipment into high level competition since........??
We are especially excited about the new twin-tip 5'2 dubbed ' the Skwalker' named after the orgional (diamond nose/ tail) sacred carft best of show board 2011 'the Vader'
This board is straight up next level, it is easily the best looking board i have ever made, and after Stus first test run yesterday we are confident that the The 'Skywalker' design will set the bar for modern high performance equipment for the future. Looking forward to Stus performances in the US open.

SK to continue the WQS charge on the Next Gen designs.

Stuart hits the ground running in South Africa busting loose in a warm up session before the start of the Mr Price Balito pro. photo Via ASP. (Mrpricepro.com)

Stu in Waves Magazine


Stuart lands the centre Spread in the latest Waves magazine in Australia riding the Deathstar 5'1.

Summer in SoCal. No surf, time to work !
photos Billy Watts. Surfline.

Transit of Venus.


June 5th 2012 marks a rare celectial event in the transit of Venus. following rare Solar eclipse the week prior. huge gravitational pull and vibrational energy apparent these weeks. Giant Surf being born as a result. in 1769 Captain James Cook embarks on an epic voyage from the British isles to Tahiti to document this rare event. subsequently Captian Cook discovers the Great Southern Land of Australia 3 months later.

Down The Rabbit hole !!


Stuart Kennedy finds himself lost down the rabbit hole on the New Tomo Deathstar. Here Stu blasts a telapathic brain wave anommily of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in wonderland from his skull during this air shot. this is a genuine photo. no touchups no photo shop. Creepy !
photo: Modern Image.

STU. Teaser from Aus.


Stuart Kennedy 'A Next Gen Performance'.

Stuart Kennedy's Freesurf sessions captured in and around the Nike Lowers WQS event 2012
riding new 'Death-star' design 5'1 x 17 1/4" x 2 1/8".
Next Gen Design Expose'. Film and edit by Tomo.


Red Bull regonises Tomo Next Gen as Future high performance for surfing.
Surfing by Stuart Kennedy and Daniel Thomson.
Article by Alex French
film edit by Ian Oraraty.

Stuart Kennedy on ESPN


I ran into my good mate Stu Kennedy on my recent trip back to Australia. He was psyched on the new boards i have been shaping and promptly started blasting some crazy maneuvers. After a few sessions on my 5'0 Vanguard Stu was convinced that he wanted to ride these new crafts in the nike lowers contest. Skip forward to this week, Stu shows up at Lowers and puts on a clinical new school performance on his new 5'1 deathstar, turns more than a few heads in the events warmup and unfortunately had a wave starved round of 96ht. Main stream media are stoked on the progessive nature and performance Stuey showed. evidence to come.

Coming Home To Aus in April


Its been almost a year and a half since ive been home, defintaly craving some home grown pits. i will be commiting to 3 weeks in April, if you are keen for a custom, please contact me as soon as possible because i have limited time to shape.
To the all those that have heckled me to come home to shape them a board, THANKS FOR THE KICK UP THE ARSE.

please contact info@tomosurfboards.com for Aus enquiries.



'V' for Vanguard


The boards that have been causing a Stir.

customs for Tom & Kolohe.

'...the 8 point Phi expolding mind technique'


I love to challenge my creative thought process, lately i have been inspired by using phi mathematics in the measurements of my design to give the boards a pleasing proportion. this particular model (dubbed the Fractal) is more of an architectual peice for the purpose of expolring new concepts and feelings rather than what i would consider ideal performance.

The Fractal.

The Fractal is a perfectly balanced symmetrical surfboard based on the same divine mathematics that govern the very nature the tubular swells that board is designed to surf. It is my vision for the future of wave riding.

The parallel outline harnesses the energy of the wave propelling the board down the line with minimal resistance (drag) through the water and excellent trim.
The rectangular nature of the plane provides exceptional stability, floatation and dynamic surface planing lift;

The rider will experience a very natural intuitive feeling of control.
The nose and tail of the design both equally functional in providing low drag control and a streamline entry with reduced swing weight through turns.

I chose the Simmons dual fin to complement the purity of this design and a unique mirrored 70-30 foiled concave running from nose to tail.

Fibonacci in modern surfboard design. 1,1,2,3,5,8........

1, 1( two counts of the number 1). Apply to the Dual independent keels. Inspired by the Simmons Planing Hull.
2 is in relation the double ended design (twin tip design)
3 is the number of control points at each end of the hull.
5 is the sum of all the control points through tail. Fins and Tail points.
8 is the sum of all the control point including nose tail and fins.

Daniel Thomson.

Down The Line Surf Radio

Sunday morning radio at its finest !! haha


Thanks Bassy and Baldly!!


Enter The 4th Dimension

The Tomo Modern Planing Hull.

"a state of the Art modern surfboard design for future performance surfing.
Like an extension of the body…..A Mind Surfing experience,
Expertly foiled examples of hydrodynamic Architecture allow the rider to effortlessly articulate their line on a wave with freakish speed and intuitive control.

Minimal Volume, Maximum functionality. No comprise with useability or paddle ability. The MPH is an evolutionary reduction in length and width allowable by using the straightest parallel rail lines in the performance surfing industry".

Once you get your feet on one of these you will see that the difference is black and white. The "Mork" Nano Nano and "Deathstar" both sub 5'0. Seaside parking lot November 2011...

A breath of fresh air.

Gold at the end of the rainbow. "Cyber sim" 5'3 X 17 1/2 X 2 3/8 for Aloha Boardshop.

Tom flaring at Rincon.

Tom Curren on a 5'1 Vanguard looking as good as ever.

Big thanks to http://www.postmodernsurfer.com/

Test pilot : Tom Curren


I ran into Tom on a recent swell up at Rincon and he was keen to check out what I had been working on over the past couple of years, especially the Death Star model which was feeling right at home on some fun ones at the cove.
He asked me if I could make him a board and of course I was stoked to get him up to speed on the next gen designs.

Tom has been a family friend since I was a little grom, I never forget the times when I would get home from school and he would be there with my dad talking design and messing around with boards. You might remember the segment from lost 5'5 x 19 1/4" movie, where Tom , my Dad and George were creating some rad round nose boards in and around my house. That was a really rad experience to be right there in the creative process and getting to surf with Tom at the height of his powers.

So anyway, I knocked him out a clean 5'1" x 17 1/4" x 2 1/8" VANGUARD model.
He's super psyched on it and he's says he's been riding it daily.

Feels good to be able to return some inspiration back his way because he has given me so much over the years.



I’m going to be in Hawaii Feb 12-26th to surf and test some new crafts.
I will be designating around 5 days to shape some boards for local crew.
(roughly 15-20 hand shapes will be available on a first in, first severed basis.

Good opportunity for local Hawaiian crew to get a cut price Tomo with no hefty shipping expense.

Remember the Future......


The 'Remember the Future' Surfboard art and cultural planing hull lineage 1949 - Present day, was on show last night (28th Jan) at loft 9 in downtown San Diego.

Richard Kenvin (Hydrodynamica) hosted Pacific Standard Time (the Los Angeles Getty Museum) exhibition. It was an awesome show and it was a huge privelage to be invited to showcase some of my achitectural works along side some of the most respected names in surfboard design history including the late Bob Simmons, Carl Ekstrom Skip Frye, Steve Lis and George Greenough.