STU. Teaser from Aus.


Stuart Kennedy 'A Next Gen Performance'.

Stuart Kennedy's Freesurf sessions captured in and around the Nike Lowers WQS event 2012
riding new 'Death-star' design 5'1 x 17 1/4" x 2 1/8".
Next Gen Design Expose'. Film and edit by Tomo.


Red Bull regonises Tomo Next Gen as Future high performance for surfing.
Surfing by Stuart Kennedy and Daniel Thomson.
Article by Alex French
film edit by Ian Oraraty.

Stuart Kennedy on ESPN


I ran into my good mate Stu Kennedy on my recent trip back to Australia. He was psyched on the new boards i have been shaping and promptly started blasting some crazy maneuvers. After a few sessions on my 5'0 Vanguard Stu was convinced that he wanted to ride these new crafts in the nike lowers contest. Skip forward to this week, Stu shows up at Lowers and puts on a clinical new school performance on his new 5'1 deathstar, turns more than a few heads in the events warmup and unfortunately had a wave starved round of 96ht. Main stream media are stoked on the progessive nature and performance Stuey showed. evidence to come.