Progression Update.

Stu on Surfline's September Progession update.

TOMO Partners with FIREWIRE.

Stoked beyond belief that Firewire surfboards will be taking my designs to the Global market in 2013 !! Really looking forward to what is in store with this collaboration and Thank you to all of you who believed in my Vision for the Modern Planing Hull.



RK and i have been working on these 2 new models 'the Cyber Sim' (the 21st centuary adaptation of Bob Simmons orgional designs)and the 'Goldern Mean machine' ( Phi ratio engineer symatry and aspect ratios) for realease with the Hydrodynamica Project. Ultra modern planing hull design ,Epoxy & extruded styroam core by XTR. Hand made bamboo fins by Carl Eckstrom.
avaialble now

Australia's Surfing Life Magazine


Stu into final 12 at the 6star Newquay Boardmasters

Stu is powering through into the bussiness end of the draw at the 6 star Newquay Relentless Boardmasters wqs event in England, following his strong showing at the U.S open.
Riding his new dream-board 'the Vader' (aka the Skywalker) 5'2 x 17 1/2" x 2 3/16"

Kelly shares his thoughts on Stus equipment


Kelly shares his thoughts on Stus equipment ( Timecode 2:30)
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Stu shows the world a taste of the future


Stu finally goes down to the greatest surfer of all time Kelly Slater in the round of 24. But shows the world that a new generation of craft is just around the corner with inspirational manauevers like this executed during the event and taking out some of the supports biggest names in the process. Well done mate!!

Stu Advances !


Stu advances with nerves of steel in a nail bitter with the king Kelly Slater (1st- Stu 2nd)
to face Dane Reynolds in the non-elimination round of 28.