Cali gold


Winter time in California is pretty rad. this winter has been a little slow on the surf front until last week when we started to get a run of northern hemi action.
been surfing up and down the coast quite a bit from The Ranch to the boarder and there has been plenty of quality surf to be had.

photo: Billy Watts.

Gerrs flextail !


My Dad built this board in 1990. ( 20 + years ago) i was nine at the time, i remember it being made clearly. it is a xps vacum baged full carbon fiber with pre-preg high temperature epoxy, sprayed in a gloss pearl paint. i found it in the Atic above my new shaping room at Christenson's factory. pretty amazing peice of equipment, hull outline aside (looks like any current thruster), it still would have to be one of the most technicaly engineered and structuraly advanced surfboards that i am aware of in the world to this day in 2011.

MPH Vector

The Vector is a small wave demolition machine. Ultra sensitive ride, meaning if you even think about turning, your already there! The type of board that will want to do 3 turns in the space a regular board will do 1. The Vector loves to keep moving rail to rail with startling speed and will eat even the most weak flat face wave for breakfast. Because The Vector is tuned for grovel Due to the deep complex quad concave and will start to redline in waves overhead. Quad for Dual Power drive fins. Almost identical size and volume as my Nano for those wondering how the Mph design performs in small stuff.