Im often asked about the performance of the dual-fin on the backhand. Many people accociate two fin boards as twinnies or fish and Control is sometimes compromised in pursuit of Speed. After a series of servere storms in May the sandbars that are famous for producing long groomed righthanders at local points have been emploded, leaving behind new little reef setups in unexpected places. I think this is the first time i can remember going left in June!! Here is a couple of fun little winter sessions at home in Nth Coast NSW on my new Raptor Afterburner 4-channel 5'6" x 17 1/2"x 2 1/8". ENJOY.


Justin said...


Rad video, I love my raptor backside! Is that you playing the Yucca didge? Sounds so killer...


Anonymous said...

So epic! 15 years later and these boards are still being enjoyed by your fans.

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