Customer Feedback.

" Your board is EXCELLENT. The dimensions were perfect for me as it> floated me well without compromising the performance aspect (at my own> level of surfing). Good job. It is exactly how you advertised it on your> website: there is simply no equivalent that I know of (and I have around> 30 boards in my garage). It is a sort of cross-over between a fish and a> shortboard which is retaining only the best features of both. The thing> goes really really fast but still can turn on a dime. What surprised me> the most was how well it handles at the bottom of the wave considering> how wide the tail is. No fish squirting here just a good clean line. You> came out with a very special and efficient design which should have a> bright future."

"Pierre Kirscher " - ST Barths, Carrabbean.


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