Versatility of the Hydrofoil Outline.


Ive been preaching for some time now that i beleive the foil ( the aerofoil/Hydrofoil curve) is the fastest, most efficient outline through the water. The challenge has been to correctly balance the overal volume, rocker, rail length and tail configurations to maximimise control and maneuverabilty. The Hydrofoil range has been a great success, opening peoples eyes to the possibilities of straighter foil orientated outlines. Normally the straight rail line through the tail will result in an excessively wide tail, which is fast but difficult to control. But when you reduce the wide point of the plain shape, you will increase the angle of attack of the foil which will
result in a narrow tail pod. After continued experimentation with this concept, i have reduced the lengths, widths and volume of my design to the point that i decided i could close the split tail formula to allow the design to be setup as a tri-fin. The boards performed great, retaining both the speed and transition feel of the dual fin and the 'on the button' controled turning of the was major contribtor in my finals performance in the Japan qs' back in september when i shaped it. Hopefully it will help people understand that these outline should be veiwed (imo) as a modern performance outline that will eventualy replace the traditional thruster curve as the highest performace board category.
Models displayed are the Raptor V1 dual fin and the new Hydrofoil 3x Diamond.


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