Customer Feedback.

" Your board is EXCELLENT. The dimensions were perfect for me as it> floated me well without compromising the performance aspect (at my own> level of surfing). Good job. It is exactly how you advertised it on your> website: there is simply no equivalent that I know of (and I have around> 30 boards in my garage). It is a sort of cross-over between a fish and a> shortboard which is retaining only the best features of both. The thing> goes really really fast but still can turn on a dime. What surprised me> the most was how well it handles at the bottom of the wave considering> how wide the tail is. No fish squirting here just a good clean line. You> came out with a very special and efficient design which should have a> bright future."

"Pierre Kirscher " - ST Barths, Carrabbean.



5'2" x 17 3/4" x 2 1/8"
Expose' of my vision for future performance Hydrodynamic Planning Hull surfboards at Sacred Craft expo Del Mar CA. OCT 10 -11 2009.

New V1 Raptor Afterburner Pics


5'8" x 18" x 2 1/8"
Ultra high performance dual fin design. Low volume. Single to vee double con quad channel planning hull. Max Thrust / Min drag flexy hachet fins. 100% handshaped and designed.

Introducing the "HYDRO-HULL"


For the past 6months i have been quietly developing a new range of ultra high performance micro-planning hulls. Incorporating Bernoulli's principle of dynamic lift (L=CL P/2 SV2) as a theroy for creating planning lift to supprt the riders weight and using ultra -refined, minimal lengths and volumes with straighter parallel outlines to create a unique and very exciting design. Here is a sneak peak at a custom 5'4" x 18 1/4" x 2 1/8" For local pro and good mate Jock Barnes. Jock is 6ft 2" and 80+kg (180lbs) and generally rides 6'3" x 18 5/8"x 2 3/8" Thrusters. You Do The math !!



Axxe Classic wetsuits set a world standard for all other wetsuits to be measured by. They are the warmest, stretchiest and most durable suits ive ever worn. Thanks for the continued support!