STU arrives for US open


Stu and i have been working closely over the past few months to really nail the Next Generation quiver for his WQS assault. With the Nike US open due to start in mere days, Stu is preparing to launch the most innovative equipment into high level competition since........??
We are especially excited about the new twin-tip 5'2 dubbed ' the Skwalker' named after the orgional (diamond nose/ tail) sacred carft best of show board 2011 'the Vader'
This board is straight up next level, it is easily the best looking board i have ever made, and after Stus first test run yesterday we are confident that the The 'Skywalker' design will set the bar for modern high performance equipment for the future. Looking forward to Stus performances in the US open.


Anonymous said...

SO SICK!!! Is the Skywalker meant for smaller or bigger waves than my Vanguard? What would be the best next gen for small Trestles? Saving up for my next board from the future. Vanguard is sick by the way! Yew!!!

Anonymous said...

...since Horan's laserzap : ) that baby turned some heads back in the day at the comps.

Anonymous said...

Hell Yeah!!! Necesito más Tomo's...


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