The Surfers Journal 22.2


Incredibly Stoked, and grateful for the Profile featured in he latest TSJ magazine.
Most defiantly my most prized achievement in my career bringing great legitimacy to the ideals i preach about  change and future possibilities of modern high performance design. Very Thank full and appreciative to the Crew at TSJ for supporting my vision Especially writer and Friend Richard Kenvin 
( who spent the best part of a year working with me on the piece as my theories developed. To see further interview material on 'the speed of phi' cheek out the interview and video piece  on the website here Going Deeper: Daniel Thomson-and-the-speed-of-phi


James said...

Hey Tomo,

Great stuff mate! Your boards and your belief in your own design ideas is inspiational.

Still waiting to see a board down this way (SW Victoria), but all the vids look cool and good reviews everywhere.

I hope the firewire line sells really well!

Mike said...

Have you taken any influence from the Gemini, shaped by Jeff Alexander? Your twin-nosed board looks eerily similar, nearly identical really.

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