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Tomo models

1. Hydrofoil 'Transition'. 5'8 x 18" x 2 3/16"

Rockstar pro surfer and all around hellman Pat Millan (5'10"/ 170lbs) reported surprising tail control due to the claw like teeth of the Transition tail, even in Punchy tradewind Rocky Lefts in Hawaii.

2. Hydrofoil Diamond. 5'6" x 17 3/4" x 2 1/8" Designed for my entry into wqs event in Japan 09, i thought i would throw a back fin on my V1 on my Hydro design, for contest surfing, seemed to work well enough for a respectable 5th place result.

No problems here.


Pedro said...

On such an incredible short performance board, what kind of tail lift or 'rail curve' are we talking about?!?!

Tomo said...

Its all about getting the correct balance of surface area for the rider, no more no less.
As for the curves, ill quote Lopez.." there is only one curve... and that the right one"

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to get my head around your concepts Tomo. I'm pretty excited to get my first board and give it a try.

The whole lift/drag concept, planing hull, and reducing drag through the tail and fins is a new concept to me, but it makes so much sense the more I think about it. Current surfboard design relies completely on creating drag to turn, and creating drag to keep the tail under control. Its impressive to see that you can design boards to be drag free, and still make powerful performers as tested by the Lennox freight train. Can't wait to get my dual fin MPH :D

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