"Wide Tails have poor control & slide Out" ? True or False?

Traditional logic tells us that a wide tail or 'pod' will provide a board with a high planing speed potentiual however will be slidely, poor control and pop out. Sound about right?

I came across this new model Dane Reynolds ingeniously engineered with a hand saw. I like Dane, he is doing the most amazing futuristic surfing on the planet and he is taking upon himself to redesign his own equipment with no tools other than his own intuition.

The only function that the last 4inches " of tail of a traditional (dinosaur) shortboard is provide drag. see http://marinelayerproductions.com for evidence of a clear improvement in a dated design, with simple reduction of un-neccesary surface area.

Good work Dane!!


Walt said...

Dane road this board today in the expression session at the contest at Pt. Mugu. A bunch of the waves coming in were easily overhead and Mugu is a steep, fast wave.

On his first wave, he got a ton of speed and boosted an insanely high 360 air. On his second wave, he got about a 3-4 second backside barrel with him riding the foamball the entire way. He was so, so deep.

There didn't seem to be any evidence that the chopped-off tail was affecting his control. I couldn't tell if he was faster or slower than normal on that board, but there seems to be a reason he keeps riding it.

You should offer your shaping services to him, Tomo.

Anonymous said...


I don't doubt the theory at all. It doesn't look any harder to throw into tight hooks either.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see a Tomo under the feet of Dane Reynolds.... Get on the case Dan!

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