More Evidence.......

Tomo models

1. Hydrofoil 'Transition'. 5'8 x 18" x 2 3/16"

Rockstar pro surfer and all around hellman Pat Millan (5'10"/ 170lbs) reported surprising tail control due to the claw like teeth of the Transition tail, even in Punchy tradewind Rocky Lefts in Hawaii.

2. Hydrofoil Diamond. 5'6" x 17 3/4" x 2 1/8" Designed for my entry into wqs event in Japan 09, i thought i would throw a back fin on my V1 on my Hydro design, for contest surfing, seemed to work well enough for a respectable 5th place result.

No problems here.

"Wide Tails have poor control & slide Out" ? True or False?

Traditional logic tells us that a wide tail or 'pod' will provide a board with a high planing speed potentiual however will be slidely, poor control and pop out. Sound about right?

I came across this new model Dane Reynolds ingeniously engineered with a hand saw. I like Dane, he is doing the most amazing futuristic surfing on the planet and he is taking upon himself to redesign his own equipment with no tools other than his own intuition.

The only function that the last 4inches " of tail of a traditional (dinosaur) shortboard is provide drag. see for evidence of a clear improvement in a dated design, with simple reduction of un-neccesary surface area.

Good work Dane!!

The closest thing to being a Dolphin


I have played around here and there on one of dads airmats in the past, but never really had the motivation to learn how to ride it properly because of my continued focus on pushing the limits of performance surfing equipment , however the other week i finally gave Dads new Krypt super mat my full focus of attention. Firstly, its nothing like a bodyboard whatsoever, its more of a pure speed experience. tricks or spins arent even part of the equation. Its more about high line trim and harnessing the invisable pressure waves and power pockets. Your tapping into the source at a higher level than surfing and that is something very rewarding and exciting because it is an egoless experience, just you and the ocean and frictionless speed. the closest thing to being a dolphin.