The coming of the Dual fin Big Wave Guns !!


My faith in the Dual fin is no secret. Scientific reason will suggest it is the fastest fin setup but experience has taught me it also has extraordianary control, combine the two elements and why shouldnt the modern dual fin regin supreme in big waves? Even in the Biggest waves. Bob Simmons did it in the 50's with historical success, in fact his big waves were his passion and certainly a major part of his planing hull development, it was his 9'6" balsa dual fin designs were his most legendary. Come the second decade of the 21st centrury quad fins are moving to the forefront of modern big waves surfing, but why use 4 fins when 2 will do the same job? albeit, a better job. less drag for sure! better control?.... i would bet the farm!! and no need to pump for speed and pocket pivots why use a thruster? Dual fin wins hands down in my opinion.

I have been on dual fins in big waves exclusively for 4 years, mainly for my own pleasure and pursuit of a pure speed experience. (see bellow for evidence of my big wave dual fin development) i feel comfortable now that my elements of balanced refinement of the big wave Dual fin is ready for launch!

* Dual fin : Double foiled fins (or keels) set parralel to the stringer or 0 degrees tow. { Not the same as Twin fin} which is: twin single foiled fins which are towed into the nose.

* Gun: Surfboard designed for big waves.


Anonymous said...

What's up, Tomo! Sick shapes.

Could you please explain the range in your MPH line in width. As in the Sacred Craft photo above, the V3 seems to have fish-like dimensions (especially in the nose width) while other MPH's look more similar to shortboards in width. Am I right, or is it the angle of the photo?

Anonymous said...

Tomo's too busy ripping to post. Great surfer-shaper.

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