Carbon Flexfoil



A new uni-directional carbon fibre lamination for the Modern Planing Hull (MPH) range to give the boards greater response, control and drive.

Noticeably more response to energies exerted by the surfer with a rapid flex memory and controlled flex distribution.

The foil pattern gives more stiffness through the front foot which allows the board to punch solidly through the lip or chops on the face while effectively and evenly distributing the load through to a more flexible tail for added thrust (acceleration) through turns, much like a fin distributes load through to the tip for drive

Upgrade in:

.Liveliness (more rapid flex memory)

.Stringer less EPS, Epoxy. Ultra lightweight and very strong.

Designed and tested by Daniel Thomson.


Anonymous said...

Those boards look unreal. Can you get all your models made with those materials?

Anonymous said...

Tomo, Could you please give a sense for the price of a carbon fiber board. Approximately how much cost above your standard EPS shapes.

Gotta make plans for the next board. Thanks!

Tomo said...

The Carbon flexfoil will be available on all the MPH range for $100 extra.

Anonymous said...

Hey tomo can you get hydrofoil models in the carbon flexfoil

Tomo said...

i havent yet done the carbon flexfoil on the hydrofoil boards, but i could make it work no problems.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that tomo. Will be getting in contact with you once you get back aus to get an order in for a hydrofoil carbon flex foil.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tomo, just wondering if you have any travel plans this season as I am based in the UK and reckon I need a MPH in my life (custom or second hand).

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