Pointed Nose Option


The Modern Planing hull is an incredibly versitle design. Lately ive made a few MPH's with the pointed nose for the main stream consumer look. My best apraisal of the difference between the pointed and round nose is that, the round nose will give the rider a more lighter whiping turn and will less likely pearl in a tight pocket scenario, pointed nose models feel a little more drawn out through the turn which is suited to wave faces overhead. If you happen to dig the look of this option you can now order any of the existing MPH as a Pointed Nose !!

This is the straight Nano outline with a 3" beak XTR Epoxy 5'8 x 18 1/4" x 2 1/8"
Carbon flex foil. 5 fin options provide plenty of fun for messing around with fin setups. if you like what you see, it might just sell it to you!!


Anonymous said...

how do those fins go?

Barclay Hurley said...

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