The Wizard Slayer is the real Mc Coy.


I am a huge Kelly Slater fan. The guy is a super mind and a super athlete and credit to him for being a truly inspired human.

Ive noticed over the years and especially in the Second half of his career ,most of Kelly’s go to boards have been clean radius round tails.

Simply put, the Wizard Slayer is a Symmetrical double ended outline (nose and tail measurements are equal) with standard shortboard widths and foil (foam distribution)

Further credit for this design goes to one of Australia’s most legendary shapers Geoff Mc Coy. Mc Coy was one of the original exponents of the symmetrical double ended round nose round tail designs, The Wizard Slayer, perhaps the most refined and hp eventuality of Mc Coys designs to date. Hence my use of the ‘Infinite’ graphic to credit the Great Mc Coy.

Because It is not over compensated in width or Volume, The Wizard Slayer is dynamic and controlled.

The MPH front end allows the board to paddle well and the straightness in the middle section of the board give the design speed and predictability. Albeit, noticeably slower than the other MPH designs due to the more extreme curves through tail profile. Like most round tails it will be suited to pockety conditions lending the design to a hollower style wave,

Any round tail connoisseur will thoroughly enjoy the sharp yet smooth transitions in a wide range of conditions.

Order 1-2” longer than a Standard MPH.

Congrats on 11 world titles and long live the Great Kelly Slater !!


Anonymous said...

Have any video of you or anyone else riding one of these? i love seeing the posts with the boards posted being ridden. Cheers

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