'...the 8 point Phi expolding mind technique'


I love to challenge my creative thought process, lately i have been inspired by using phi mathematics in the measurements of my design to give the boards a pleasing proportion. this particular model (dubbed the Fractal) is more of an architectual peice for the purpose of expolring new concepts and feelings rather than what i would consider ideal performance.

The Fractal.

The Fractal is a perfectly balanced symmetrical surfboard based on the same divine mathematics that govern the very nature the tubular swells that board is designed to surf. It is my vision for the future of wave riding.

The parallel outline harnesses the energy of the wave propelling the board down the line with minimal resistance (drag) through the water and excellent trim.
The rectangular nature of the plane provides exceptional stability, floatation and dynamic surface planing lift;

The rider will experience a very natural intuitive feeling of control.
The nose and tail of the design both equally functional in providing low drag control and a streamline entry with reduced swing weight through turns.

I chose the Simmons dual fin to complement the purity of this design and a unique mirrored 70-30 foiled concave running from nose to tail.

Fibonacci in modern surfboard design. 1,1,2,3,5,8........

1, 1( two counts of the number 1). Apply to the Dual independent keels. Inspired by the Simmons Planing Hull.
2 is in relation the double ended design (twin tip design)
3 is the number of control points at each end of the hull.
5 is the sum of all the control points through tail. Fins and Tail points.
8 is the sum of all the control point including nose tail and fins.

Daniel Thomson.


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