Coming Home To Aus in April


Its been almost a year and a half since ive been home, defintaly craving some home grown pits. i will be commiting to 3 weeks in April, if you are keen for a custom, please contact me as soon as possible because i have limited time to shape.
To the all those that have heckled me to come home to shape them a board, THANKS FOR THE KICK UP THE ARSE.

please contact for Aus enquiries.


Luke said...

Completely broke, otherwise I would be seriously on board... Loving what you are doing Tomo, keep it up! I'm still surfing the V1 every surf, I'm pretty sure there's no turning back, makes everything else feel really dead and doughy.

Anonymous said...

i have my name on the list -can't wait! just gotta sell some boards for bread....and still have no idea what model to grab.

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