Modernism in the Next Gen

The year is 2011. Surfing has evolved. The time has come for the equipment to evolve as the surfer's mind expands and athletisism bounds out and beyond. Planing hull technology moves to the forfront, with space age manufacturing in aid of the quest. The board sport cross over beckons. Freeminds in Sea-Space will recreate the present and lead the way for the future. Bring on the Next Gen.



Anonymous said...

I want one!!

Anonymous said...

Coool!!! Checkout this thread, BTW:

Anonymous said...

those are crazy looking boards, they look more like wake boards then surfboards

Anonymous said...

Mate, thanks for letting me check out your latest sled at Ponto Sunday glassoff. I missed sacred craft so no joke I hadn't seen anything like it before. You were ripping on it. are you selling models?

Vince said...

Hi Dan, why is the nose on your next gen boards the same as your tail? it seems odd, these two parts of the board are performing really different functions.
PS. I love your work, its exciting to see a great surfer like you taking surfboard design to the next level.

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