V4. codename: 'R-Wing'


The V4 is an incredible performer, a truly state of the art design for 2012.
Inspired yet again by the tail variables of the Raptor fighter Jets and executed as a planing hull design with the premise of finding the perfect balance of maximum planing area through the tail vs ideal direct control through turns.

A slight modification to V2 design minus the split (fish tail aspect) or a variation of the V3, the V4 tail design features a relatively shallow 1 ¼” swallow-tail, with ‘clipped wings to form the Double Diamond Aesthetic of the Raptor.

Further to this design I have incorporated a highly innovative bottom contour featuring a centralised double within double concave for incredible lift, freedom and low drag sensation, combined with small 8” drop channels off the the outer rail points which smoothly engage for surgical grip as the rider puts the board on rail.

The V4 is totally versatile design, Tri fin, Quad fin , Dual fin , or 5 fin will all realise the full potential of the design. Tiny waves to huge waves the V4 will be in peak performance, the only variable being the Aspect Ratio of the MPH outline (Length: Width) to ultimately customise for rider or conditions.

Overall, the V4 is an Apex performer, defiantly challenging for the title of most HP with the V3, Nano, and the Psyko. Pointed Nose option for Contest style Visual aesthetic, or Round Nose for pure performance.
Best way to describe the ride: “ You think…..the V4 does”. Free and instantaneous.

Available Now.


Anonymous said...

as a surfer, i love the aesthetics of these boards. as an engineer i would say, that modelling a surfboard after a raptor or any other modern fighter plane is a bit illogical. These hard geometric shapes are primarily for evading radar. in fact, if it were not for a computer making over a million commands per second, these planes would tumble out of the sky. it would be interesting to see how different these boards would ride if they were more organic in shape. keep up the nice work

Anonymous said...

and according to the principles of physics a bird shouldn't be able to fly. I was a skeptic until I rode my 1st Tomo Surfboard. It is by far the most efficient and effective surf craft I've ever ridden.

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